Peppermint Vitality: Repel & Attract

In my opinion the most versatile Essential Oil in the Premium Starter Kit is Peppermint Vitality. At first I only used it in the diffuser, combining it with other oils.
Then I branched out a little and put a drop in my lemon water.
I did this since Peppermint Oil helps promote a healthy digestive system,
plus it tastes so good and really wakes you up!

Here are two complete opposite ways I have used it.

Bug Repellant:
When the weather started getting a little warmer and the rain called the bugs out of hiding, all the ants took cover in my house.
Tons of them found their way into my bathroom.
I found a massive pile of them on a drop of Children’s toothpaste that wasn’t cleaned off the sink. Trails of ants going to and from a fruity blue glop.
(UMMM are my kids brushing their teeth with sugar? Ugh, that is a whole other topic for another day).
Anyway, the ants had to go. My 2 year old wants to chase them down and pick them up so, ant poison really is not a go to option for me.

I filled a spray bottle with water and added a few drop of peppermint oil, sprayed them down, watched them freak out, wiped them up and flushed some down the drain.
I really enjoyed watching them run in the opposite direction of wherever I sprayed the peppermint water. I realized anyone who might see me doing this would think I am psychotic. I was having way too much fun.
So I stopped torturing them and finished cleaning up.
I decided to keep a peppermint water spray bottle in the bathroom,
reapplying the mixture around the baseboards and sink every few days.
It is working to keep the masses from coming back and
I don’t have to worry about rushing a toddler to the ER for playing with poison.
I hear this works to repel other pests as well, such as spiders and mice!

BONUS: I now know that SOMETIMES my 8-year-old listens to me. He is learning about oils. He asked me if I had any more Peppermint Essential Oil.
When I asked him why he replied,
“I want to put some in my water gun so I can shoot ants!”

The joys of being a Boy Mom 🙂


The Opposite of Repellant:
It’s been a busy few weeks in our home. Mike was running in our local election, (congratulations to him for winning)! He really had to get out and talk to people as much as possible. He gets home from work after 7pm most nights, that doesn’t leave him much time. One night he got home and said, “Do you have something for my breath? I need to go talk to people.” I’m pretty sure he meant a breath mint or gum, but I had a better idea. Peppermint Oil! I had him put one drop on his finger and rub it around his teeth. Perfect. He could confidently go talk to people with out the annoying smacking of gum or chunks of a mint stuck in his teeth!

Stay tuned for a few more ways I’ve been using Peppermint Vitality.


Again, Young Living Peppermint Vitality is safe to ingest. Other brands of Peppermint oil may not be, please make sure you know what is in your oil before putting it to your mouth.