My name is Nikki. I am a Mom to 3 boys and wife to quite an amazing man.
My number one priority is keeping my family safe and healthy. This means feeding them healthy food,  providing a safe clean home for them, keeping them emotionally balanced and helping with financial needs. Young Living helps me do all of this!

Why I Switched to Oils:
I am the only female in a house of 5. Boys are stinky, and 2 of them still poop their pants! I was sold on the thought of a fresh smelling house, if nothing more. Then, everyone, including the baby (who was only 2 weeks old) came down with a nasty virus. I knew I needed to do something. I scrubbed the house down trying to kill the germs but felt sick over the fumes coming from the “clean” bathroom. The windows were open, the fan was on and the door was closed but the chemical yuck was overpowering my house. I panicked over what it could be doing to the baby, which led to the thought, it’s not just the baby who is breathing this, it’s all of us! And so my journey of natural wellness began!

Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils. 

Where to get your own:
If you are interested in purchasing your own Starter Kit, Oils, or any of the natural Young Living Products visit Young Living online! If you have questions about enrolling please contact me. I am happy to help!
(It usually makes more sense to choose member over retail -You are not required to sell anything and you will get a discount! Plus you can opt for the benefits of Essential Rewards!)

**If you are interested in becoming an active distributer please contact me!
I am looking to build my team and train leaders. Let’s share this amazing lifestyle with the world.**