Chocolate & Peppermint

As I mentioned before Peppermint Essential Oil seems to be the most versatile oil included in the Starter Kit. Being that it is part of the Vitality line, I of course had to try it in some sort of snack. My first attempt at something chocolatey peppermint flavored didn’t go as expected!

This should be a story about a yummy treat; instead it’s a story about me learning from experience. I wanted some hot chocolate and thought it was a perfect opportunity to try Peppermint Essential Oil in a new way. I put a single drop of Peppermint Vitality into a 12oz mug of hot chocolate. As I lifted the cup to my mouth I realized one drop was WAY too much for me. But, I can tell you that the next time I feel stuffed up, I will absolutely be filling a cup of hot water and adding a drop of peppermint vitality to hold near my face. Wow does that clear you out! Unfortunately, I had to dump the hot chocolate. Now I know to dip a toothpick in the oil then into the drink, gradually adding a little bit of peppermint at a time.

Now for an actual yummy treat with Peppermint Essential Oil. I went with brownies. My 8 year old has to do a Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet, with many other restrictions. So having the Vitality Oils really helps give us more variety. GFCF brownies with a hint of peppermint, YUM! We just followed the directions on the box and added a drop. I recommend first putting your drop of oil on to a spoon and then into your mix. Essential Oils are so potent. This way, if an extra drop or two slips out you can just push the amount you want into the food with a toothpick, instead of giving your food an overpowering flavor.

I will definitely be baking with Peppermint Vitality more often!



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