Diffusing Lemon

You know those mornings when you find yourself making every excuse to not get out of bed? I had one the other day. My eyes were burning, my body was drained, I was up too late taking care of babies, I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be and the kids weren’t awake yet, I was just feeling BLAH.

Lemon Essential oil in the diffuser was my weapon against the blahs and laziness!

With my eyes closed I fought off all excuses by telling myself,
“Go diffuse some lemon!”
Within minutes the fresh scent took my mood from mopey and lazy to happy and productive. How can that be?
The limbic system is the emotional center of the brain and it is linked to scents!
It only takes 22 seconds for oil to reach the brain when it’s inhaled and the lemon aroma is so uplifting!

Lemon is not only a great mood enhancer and good way to get you moving.
Lemon in the diffuser is an all around win!

The house smells so clean when lemon is diffused. That’s because the lemon is ACTUALLY cleaning the air. Sure, you can buy lemon scented air freshener if your concern is the smell. The scent might last for an hour or two, but you’ll also be inhaling whatever else comes out of those aerosol cans. Diffusing Essential Oil will give lasting results of freshness in the air. I love the way Valerie Ann Worwood says it in her book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy,

“Essential oils make much more sense as air fresheners than commercial products, as they cleanse the air by altering the structure of the molecules creating the smells, rather than masking the unwanted smells.”

Moral of this story is, if you need a pick me up, or some motivation to get moving, I recommend diffusing lemon essential oil.

If you want to safely freshen the air in your home, choose to diffuse lemon essential oil over the lemon scented spray can.

Lemon is my MOST USED oil from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Diffusing it is just one of many ways I am obsessing over it.
More lemon stories are coming your way!

I am so happy to be making the switch to oils.
It just makes scents. I mean sense.
(Sorry I couldn’t NOT do that).



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